Looking Back At The Legacy of Hubert Humphrey

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Official White House portrait of Humphrey in the 1960s.

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Iric Nathanson, Minnesota historian who writes about Hubert Humphrey's legacy for

The late Minnesota Senator, Vice President and presidential candidate, Hubert Humphrey, would have turned 100 this year, and while the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth was noted by many, Hubert Humphrey's hasn't been, earning him the title of  America's forgotten liberal.

As LBJ's VP he was accused of selling out on the Vietnam War, but as Mayor of Minneapolis he pushed for Civil Rights.

In a 1948 speech at the Democratic National Convention for instance, Humphrey said, "To those who say we are rushing this issue of civil rights I say to them we are 172 years late."

This segment aired on June 8, 2011.


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