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What to do with those photos of you "holding up" the Leaning Tower of Pisa or posing as Anne of Green Gables?

You could send them to the web site specially dedicated to tacky vacation photos,

But as one of the web site's curators, Darren Garnick told Here & Now's Monica Brady-Myerov, "we use the word tacky as a compliment.Really what we mean is goofy, or funny or kitschy...people having fun with their vacation."

Fellow curator Ilya Mirman and his friends took a series of tacky photos at the Eiffel Tower: making the Parisian landmark look like a dunce hat or a post to lean on. However, Ilya adds they didn't do it out of disrespect, but all in fun, in fact, Parisians watching gave ideas, suggested ways to take the shots and helped clear space for the wide views required.

This segment originally aired on 8/19/10.


  • Darren Garnick & Ilya Mirman, curators of Tacky Tourist Photos

This segment aired on July 18, 2011.


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