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At the Boston Book Festival this past weekend, Here & Now's Robin Young sat down with three nonfiction authors:

  • Emma Rothschild: Author of "The Inner Life Of Empires," about the Johnstones, four sisters and brothers who lived in Scotland and around the world during the 18th century
  • Michael Willrich: Author of "Pox: An American History," which tells the story of the vaccination campaign against smallpox which often became a struggle over civil liberties
  • Mitchell Zuckoff: Author of "Lost In Shangri-La," about an improbable but true rescue mission following a plane crash in a beautiful, but remote valley deep in the mountains of Dutch New Guinea.

We listen back to their conversation where the authors talk about where they found their stories and why they found them compelling.


  • Emma Rothschild, author
  • Michael Willrich, author
  • Mitchell Zuckoff, author

This segment aired on October 19, 2011.


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