Japan Struggles With Post-Earthquake Reconstruction

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In Japan, there's a sense that the post-earthquake and tsunami reconstruction is just as stalled as the economy, which has been in a slump for the past two decades.

But not if the governor of Miyagi Prefecture, ground zero for the March 11 disaster, has anything to say about it. He has a plan, and a promise. Governor Yoshihiro Murai says he will not drink a drop of alcohol until the more than 300,000 homeless people are able to move back into permanent homes.

There are still huge piles of rubble in his region and radiation hot spots around the country, but there is a growing sense that Murai's grand vision for remaking the stricken region may even jump start Japan.


  • Aki Ito, economics reporter for Bloomberg News in Tokyo
  • Jonathan Levine Ogura, an American expatriate living in Iwate, northern Japan

This segment aired on October 25, 2011.


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