Can Local And Fresh Food Make It To A School Cafeteria Near You?

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A push to make school lunches healthier has hit a roadblock in Congress this week.

On Monday, House Republicans stripped Obama Administration proposals from a spending bill
that would have limited sodium and potatoes, (read french fries), while increasing whole grains in school lunches.

That means that pizza will continue to be counted as a vegetable! And French fries will undoubtably

Some schools had complained that the proposed changes would have cost too much. And that's something that people looking to improve school lunches can understand.

Here in the Boston area, City Fresh Foods tried to make school lunches that used fresh and local products. They delivered whole wheat breads, zero trans fats products, sauces made from scratch and custom marinated meats to a handful of public schools.

But City Fresh Foods' Glenn Lloyd said he had to give up those contracts and focus on private and charter schools because of costs.

City Fresh Foods was unable to compete with the larger service providers who buy pre-packaged and frozen food in bulk and typically supply public schools.


  • Glenn Lloyd, CEO, City Fresh Foods

This segment aired on November 17, 2011.


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