A Colleague Remembers War Correspondent Marie Colvin

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Journalist Marie Colvin. (AP/Sunday Times in London)
Journalist Marie Colvin. (AP/Sunday Times in London)

Last week, we spoke with Stephen Farrell of the New York Times about the death of his colleague, Anthony Shadid.

This week, two other western journalists died in Syria — killed while covering the unrest and violence in Homs: Marie Colvin of London's Sunday Times and Remi Ochlik, a French photographer.

Farrell knew Colvin for years and helped get her out of Sri Lanka where she had been injured while covering the civil war there. Farrell met her in a hospital in Colombo and said she was worried about losing her eye, which she did, but she also felt it was important to cover the story.

"There was human worry and concern and fear, and [she was] very very concerned for her family, because she knew how worried they'd be," Farrell told Here & Now's Robin Young.

"But at the same time a consummate professional who felt that this was a very, very difficult place to get to but she had to go there to tell the world what was happening."

'The Preeminent Correspondent Of Our Age'

Farrell says that he grew up in the UK admiring Colvin's work.

"When I was a young journalist in Britain she was one of the preeminent correspondents of our age and I remember reading the Sunday Times and just marveling at her courage and her humanity," Farrell said.


  • Stephen Farrell, reporter for New York Times

This segment aired on February 23, 2012.


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