Santorum Manages Expectations, Romney Hopes For Win In Illinois Primary

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Mitt Romney is the only Republican campaigning in Illinois today and hopes that a win tonight will put an end to talk about a lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy and a contested convention this summer.

Rick Santorum is now downplaying expectations in Illinois, where the latest polls show he has lost ground to Romney over the past week.

There are 54 delegates at stake, but because the Santorum campaign didn't file slates in four of the state's congressional districts, he can only win a maximum of 44.

Judy Keen, who reports from Chicago for USA Today, found that the morning turnout was light in Chicago.

She also says that Romney is thought to have an advantage among wealthier, less religious and socially moderate voters in and around Chicago, while Santorum is appealing to conservatives in the southern part of the state.


This segment aired on March 20, 2012.


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