Listener Letters: From SCOTUS To Hunger Games

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Many of you weighed in on the question of whether hoodies, like the one worn by shooting victim Trayvon Martin, make young black men targets.

One listener writes "Yes, I hope other kids take this as a warning to dress appropriately."

But on our Facebook page, Clinton Tribble writes, "How ridiculous the focus of this heinous injustice is being put on a garment when the true focus should be putting the shooter in a prison jumpsuit."

Wednesday's conversation with George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley got a lot of response. He agreed with the criticism that the president's solicitor general Donald Verrilli did a bad job presenting the government's case for health reform at the Supreme Court this week.

Lynne Branscom writes:

"I am not surprised, that's the whole point ... the government cannot mandate citizens to purchase health care!"

But Cynthia Munley thought the law didn't go far enough, she wants single payer. "Why should Americans be forced to subsidize private for-profit healthcare providers who are taking a large margin for their own profits?," she writes.

We also heard from listeners on our recent story on the use of iPads in school, and the Hunger Games.

This segment aired on March 29, 2012.


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