States Re-Examine 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

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Florida Governor Rick Scott's task force on the state's self-defense law known as "Stand Your Ground" meets next week for the first time, to determine whether the controversial law should be changed.

The original sponsor of the bill has backed away from the law, saying it shouldn't apply to George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who claims self-defense in the shooting death of unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin.

In 2005, Florida was the first state to expand existing self-defense laws to allow someone to "stand their ground" not just in their home but anywhere they have a right to be without a duty to retreat. About half of states now have similar laws. But because of the Trayvon Martin shooting, a number of states are re-examining them.


  • Arian Campo-Flores, Miami-based reporter for the Wall Street Journal

This segment aired on April 26, 2012.


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