Veterans Behind The Camera

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Combat veterans at Fort Carson in Colorado have made short films as part of a trial therapy program to help them deal with PTSD and other stresses of military life.

The program is run by filmmaker Ben Patton, who is the grandson of World War II-era General George S. Patton.

Ben says the "I WAS THERE" media workshops empower veterans by helping them reclaim their stories. In his film, now-retired Army sergeant Adam Cassidy uses a collage of sound and images to depict the rage, depression and confusion he feels as he struggles with PTSD and the traumatic brain injury that he received as a combat engineer while deployed in Iraq.

"Getting my story out there was very important, and very hard to do," retired Army sergeant Adam Cassidy told Here & Now's Deb Becker. "It takes a lot, for someone with PTSD.  It's one the hugest things to get off your chest.  And there's really no better way than to visualize it and put it together yourself."


  • Ben Patton, filmmaker
  • Adam Cassidy, retired Army sergeant

This segment aired on June 29, 2012.


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