Conservatives Slam Romney Campaign

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The Wall Street Journal's conservative editorial page Thursday added its voice to the chorus of critics of Mitt Romney's campaign operation.

The paper called the campaign "confused and politically dumb," among other things. The Journal was reacting to the way the Romney campaign responded to the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

In his decision, Chief Justice John Roberts said the individual mandate, requiring that all Americans have health insurance, was legal as a tax. Conservatives have pounced on that language, saying that President Obama is taxing Americans with his health care overhaul.

But the Romney campaign put out mixed messages. Romney aide Eric Fehrnstrom said Monday that Romney didn't think the mandate was a tax. But on Wednesday, Romney went on CBS News to say it was a tax.

The Journal is the latest to criticize Romney's campaign operation. Both Rupert Murdoch and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch have said that Romney's operation can't compete with President Obama's team. But for now, the Romney team is keeping Fehrnstrom, saying that they are happy with the people they have in place.


  • Rick Klein, ABC World News senior Washington editor and host of Top Line

This segment aired on July 5, 2012.


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