Deadline Looms For States To Enroll Thousands In Health Plans

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By October 1, states are supposed to have their health insurance exchanges up and running so they can enroll residents.

The exchanges are online insurance marketplaces for individuals and small businesses — where people can shop for a health plan.

Some people will pay out of pocket for their health coverage and others may get some help from the federal government to pay for their premiums.

Polls show that 40 percent of Americans do not know that the Affordable Care Act is in effect, and that percentage is higher for uninsured populations.

The states are spending $700 million to get the word out about their exchanges and to help people sign up for health insurance. Most of that money is coming from the federal government.

There's also lots of confusion about premium prices. Some states are claiming that once Obamacare takes effect, insurance rates will go up, while other states, including New York, say their rates will do down.

What's the truth?


This segment aired on August 6, 2013.


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