The Dodos Stomp In With 'Confidence'

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The Dodos' latest album is "Carrier."
The Dodos' latest album is "Carrier."

Every week NPR Music writer and editor Stephen Thompson brings us a track he's been listening to. This week it's The Dodo's "Confidence."

The track is on the San Francisco band's new album "Carrier." Thompson says The Dodos get a lot of the drive in their music from their drummer.

"One thing about The Dodos' music is that the band's got a great drummer," Thompson told Here & Now. "His name's Logan Kroeber, and they use him to tremendous effect. 'Confidence' accelerates gradually but very surely, with a forceful but slightly off-kilter kick that really grabs you. It's the kind of thing where you keep banging the desk in time with the song and you don't even realize it."


This segment aired on September 9, 2013.


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