iTunes Radio Wants To Be Your DJ And Record Store

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iTunes Radio preview (flickr/Binarycse)
iTunes Radio preview (flickr/Binarycse)

With the launch of iOS 7 today, Apple is entering the streaming music market.

The digital music world is a crowded one, with everyone from Pandora to Spotify and Slacker to Google, all working to help listeners find their new favorite song.

According to a recent study underwritten by radio powerhouse Clear Channel, 80 percent of Americans are still get their music from FM radio, but streaming music is the fastest growing market in the record industry.

With Apple's entry into the market, more people will have access to streaming music in the palm of their hands.

CNET executive editor Paul Sloan talks with Here & Now about the release of iTunes radio, what it is exactly and how it will change how people listen to music.


This segment aired on September 18, 2013.


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