Rocky Road For Brothers Who Lost Limbs In Marathon Bombing

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Today marks six months since the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

Liz Norden and Peter Brown. (Here & Now)
Liz Norden and Peter Brown. (Here & Now)

Many of those who were injured lost limbs. The hope was that they would get artificial limbs, learn to walk again and return to their pre-marathon lives.

But the story of recovery is much more complex.

Two of Liz Norden’s sons, JP and Paul, were both injured when the second bomb went off at the finish line.

They are still getting surgeries for their injuries, and the medical costs are adding up.

Paul lost his right leg and has been fitted with a prosthetic. He also had surgery on his hand that makes it hard for him to grip things and put on his prosthetic leg.

JP also lost his right leg, but due to complications hasn't been fitted with a prosthetic. He also sustained permanent hearing loss from the explosion, which blew out both his eardrums. Additionally, fragments of his car keys are burnt into the muscle of his left leg and he's awaiting another surgery.

"They thought they could do it November but they are going to wait until the beginning of the year," Liz Norden said of her son's coming surgery. "He's had so many surgeries, they want his body to take a break."

In addition to the number of surgeries, the prostheses are expensive. One prosthetic costs $120,000 and the two men will need multiple prostheses throughout their lives.

"For Paul it was a very exciting day when he could stand on his two feet. But for me it was sad because to me, that was reality," Norden said.

Note: The Norden family has a benefit fund to assist with JP and Paul's living and medical expenses. Below are ways to donate:

Stoneham Bank
C/O JP & Paul Benefit Fund
80 Montvale Ave.
Stoneham, MA 02180


  • Liz Norden, JP and Paul Norden's mother
  • Peter Brown, JP and Paul Norden's uncle

This segment aired on October 15, 2013.


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