Music From The Show

Do Make Say Think, "Say"
Chvrches, "Recover"
Fourtet, "Glasshead"
Haim, "Falling"
Iambic, "Night Fall"
Deltron 3030, "3030"
Mogwai, "Relative Hysteria"
Electric Six, "Synthesizer"
REM, "Tricycle"
C.S.S, "Alala"

The Slip, "Tinderbox"
Chvrches, "The Mother We Share"
Phoenix, "Love is like a Sunset"
The Obits, "Two Headed Coin"
Deltron 3030, "Virus"
The Toadies, "Pressed Against The Sky"
Kraftwerk, "The Robots"
Broken Social Scene, "Shampoo"

From The Music Of Liberation: Steven Van Zandt And Danny Schecter On ‘Sun City’:

Peter Gabriel, “Biko”
The Specials, “Free Nelson Mandela”
Steven Van Zandt, “Sun City”
Bono, "Silver and Gold"
Stevie Wonder, “It’s Wrong”
Johnny Clegg and Savuka, “Asimbonanga”

This segment aired on December 10, 2013. The audio for this segment is not available.


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