Spotify To Offer Mobile App For Free

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(Johan Larsson/Flickr)
Spotify has started offering its music streaming app for free on iPhones and Android smartphones. (Johan Larsson/Flickr)

Spotify, the music streaming service, announced it will allow anyone on an Android or iOS device to use its app free of charge, starting immediately. The service lets listeners pick and choose songs, and is hoping the move will expand its user base.

The company also announced that it's adding 20 new countries to its roster. Spotify will now reach 55 global markets. Spotify currently has about 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers. Its competitor Pandora has about 72 million active listeners.

Derek Thompson, business editor for The Atlantic, discusses the implications with Here & Now's Meghna Chakrabarti.


This segment aired on December 12, 2013.


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