Senate Democrats Pull All-Nighter On Climate Change02:08

This article is more than 7 years old.

Democratic senators clocked an all-nighter, working in shifts into Tuesday morning to warn of the devastation from climate change and the danger of inaction.

Addressing a nearly empty chamber and visitor gallery, more than two dozen speakers agreed with each other about the need to act on climate change. Naysayers - Republicans - largely stayed away, arguing hours earlier that regulation would cost Americans jobs in a sluggish economy.

The talk-a-thon ended at 8:55 a.m., almost 15 hours after it began. It was the 35th all-night session since 1915, according to the Senate.

At the same time, Democratic leaders made it clear they have no plans to bring a climate bill to the Senate floor this year.

Indeed, the issue is so politically charged that a host of Democrats who face tough re-election fights in the fall opted to skip the session. Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mark Begich of Alaska and Kay Hagan of North Carolina were among Democrats who stayed away.

The Associated Press contributed reporting to this article.

This segment aired on March 11, 2014.