Lessons From High-Achieving Low-Income Schools15:25

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Why do some low-income schools succeed where others fail? That's one of the questions that authors Sonia Caus Gleason and Nancy Gerzon set out to answer in their book, "Growing Into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools"

The education experts focused in on Title I schools, which receive federal funding to close the achievement gap in low-income areas. They profiled four schools that are performing at high levels by personalizing learning, focusing on professional development and creating outstanding school leadership.

Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with Gleason about the shared traits of high-achieving Title I schools in the U.S. She also speaks with two remarkable educators: Jose Navarro, founding principal of the Social Justice Humanitas Academy in Los Angeles, and Stacy King, a school coach at the Tusculum View Elementary School in Greeneville, Tenn.

Navarro and King are two of the educators featured in the book. They weigh in on the challenge of achieving academic excellence in low-income communities.

Book Excerpt: 'Growing Into Equity'

By Sonia Caus Gleason and Nancy Gerzon

Chapter Two


This segment aired on March 12, 2014.