One Run For Boston Is On The Road Again04:47

This article is more than 7 years old.

A GPS-equipped baton is being carried across Western Arizona today, on the fourth day of the 3,300-mile One Run for Boston relay.

The coast-to-coast relay is raising money for the One Fund Boston, which benefits survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings and the families of those who were killed.

It’s all about showing solidarity and support for those whose lives were changed in those Marathon Bombings.

Kate Treleaven

It began in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday with remarks by survivor John Odom, and ends on April 13 at the marathon finish line in Boston.

But the run actually began in Britain last year when three British 30-somethings watched the bombing coverage on television and decided they had to help. They raised $91,000 with their first run last June and are hoping to raise a million this time.

Kate Treleaven and Danny Bent are two of those young Brits — they're following the runners in a donated car as it traverses the country, day and night for nearly a month.

"You've got to understand that runners the whole world over, we’re a pretty tight knit bunch. Yes we’re Brits, but we’re runners. We could have been in Boston ourselves – our families could have been the people at the finish line cheering us on – and we just had this urge to do whatever we could to help," Treleaven told Here & Now's Robin Young.

Some of the relay participants competed in the original run last year, while others who didn't hear about that event in time want to be involved this time around.

"I still think there’s many people all around the country that are still feeling the pain of that day, the anger from that day, and this is a way of kind of expressing that – but in a positive way," Bent said.

With the running community at the heart of the attack, "it’s all about showing solidarity and support for those whose lives were changed in those marathon bombings," said Treleaven.


This segment aired on March 19, 2014.