Crews Looking For Missing Plane Wreckage, Find Nothing So Far06:04

This article is more than 7 years old.

Australian and American military planes raced out to a remote part of the ocean off Australia this morning, trying to find two large floating objects spotted on satellite images taken four days ago. But so far, they've found nothing connected to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

A Norwegian commercial vessel is still on the scene and will continue searching overnight, as Haakon Svane, who is head of security for the Norwegian Shipowners Association, told Here & Now's Robin Young.

"They've offered to continue searching tomorrow at daybreak, so they'll intensify the search again in the area," Svane said. "They do still continue slow steaming through the area tonight, and will use whatever means and possibilities they have to search even at night, including with the search light."


This segment aired on March 20, 2014.