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This article is more than 5 years old.

Phoenix, "North"
Alice in Chains, "Whales and Wasp"
The Fall, "No Bulbs"
Tortoise, "Everglade"
Zoot Women, "Grey Day"
Night Rally, "Shoop John B."
Mogwai, "Jaguar"
La Sera, "Hour of the Dawn"
Leisure Cruise, "The Getaway"
Kevin Micka, "Under The Water"

Tokimonsta, "Smoke and Mirrors"
The Horrors, "So Now You Know"
The American Dollar, "Where We Are"
Tennis, "Origins"
Dungen, "C Visar Vagen"
Reich, "Music For Mallets"
Hot Chip, "Over and Over"
Thievery Corporation, "Fragments"
Woods, "Pushing Onlys"
Green Bean, "All of the Vegetables (Instrumental)"
Radiohead, "Weird Fishes"

This segment aired on June 4, 2014. The audio for this segment is not available.

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