Estonian Foreign Minister Wants More NATO Presence

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Estonia's foreign minister, Urmas Paet, says Russian actions have changed the security environment for the whole of Europe. He wants more military presence from NATO in the Baltic states.

Paet told Here & Now's Robin Young that unlike Ukraine, Estonia is a member of NATO and the European Union, and what he wants from President Obama and from NATO is a commitment to a more permanent military presence.

President Obama will visit Estonia on his way to a NATO summit where Western leaders are expected to approve a rapid reaction force of 4,000 troops to be used for defense of NATO countries in Eastern Europe.

The White House says the president's visit to Estonia is no coincidence — it's meant to send a message to Russia not to "mess around in Estonia" as it has been in Ukraine.


  • Urmas Paet, minister of foreign affairs of Estonia, since 2005. He tweets @Urmaspaet.

This segment aired on September 2, 2014.


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