World Leaders Meet In Paris Over ISIS Strategy

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World leaders and diplomats are gathered in Paris today to flesh out an international strategy for confronting ISIS.

French President Francois Hollande, who is co-hosting the conference with Iraqi President Fuad Masum, struck an urgent tone, saying, "The threat is global and the response must be global."

The U.S. says that a number of Arab nations have offered to join air strikes against the militant group in Iraq and Syria.

At least 40 countries have indicated their willingness to join an international coalition in combating ISIS in some capacity; a specific, coherent plan has not yet emerged.

Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson talks to the BBC's Lucy Williamson, who's covering the conference in Paris.

Note: This BBC interview can be heard in the Here & Now podcast or with the WBUR app.


This segment aired on September 15, 2014.


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