A Roadtrip To See Baby Animals

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How about a fall roadtrip: a tour of zoos to see newborn baby animals. It's an idea from USA Today.

There are four new African lion cubs at the Philadelphia Zoo, the first ones born there since 1996.

The Oakland Zoo has a new baby baboon named Mimi, after the Swahili word for "I am."

Tucson has a new African elephant calf, the first ever born at the zoo.

There's a baby Indian pygmy gosling at the Palm Beach Zoo, and a newborn barking deer and snow leopard recently made their debut in Syracuse, New York.

Both Boston and Cleveland have new giraffes calfs!

Did you know giraffes give birth standing up, so newborns fall approximately six feet to the ground? But they made it!

In Cleveland, Jabari, which means brave and strong in Swahili, weighed 140 pounds at birth.

In Boston, the new offspring of Beau and Jana was six feet tall at birth, on October 3rd.

The zoo may have a naming contest for her. Send us your ideas.

This segment aired on October 15, 2014.

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