Study: Happiness May Be Linked To Age

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A new study finds that happiness may be connected to age, especially in the West. Research published in the Lancet shows happiness dips as you hit middle age in wealthier countries, such as the U.S. and the U.K.

The study's authors say economic factors may be behind the trend because people are concentrating on their careers through their middle years. The researchers say economics may also explain why satisfaction levels are consistently low in Africa and in Eastern Europe.

Dr. Michele Roberts, health editor for BBC News, joins Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson with details on the study.

Happiness nose dives as you hit middle age - but only if you live in the affluent West, according to experts. (The Lancet)

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  • Michelle Roberts, medical doctor and health editor for BBC News. She tweets @michroberts.

This segment aired on November 7, 2014.


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