7 Things You Didn't Know Were In The 'Cromnibus'

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The U.S. Senate is expected to pass a $1 trillion dollar spending measure nicknamed the "cromnibus," which passed in the House yesterday.

Liberal Democrats object to a measure that rolls back Wall Street banking reform and conservative Republicans are angry the measure doesn't do more to stop President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

Rick Klein, political director for ABC News, discusses seven things in the spending bill that aren't dominating the headlines:

  1. A huge change to campaign finance rules: Under the bill, a single person will be able to contribute a total of $1.5 million to political party committees per two-year election cycle.
  2. A setback for voter-approved legalized recreational marijuana in the District of Columbia: The "cromnibus" prohibits federal or local funds to go towards enforcing Initiative 71.
  3. Budget cuts for the IRS and the EPA: The budget of the EPA would be cut by $60 million. The IRS budget would be cut by $345.6 million; that would make it harder for the tax agency to implement new parts of the Affordable Care Act.
  4. No new funding for the Affordable Care Act but no death-knell cuts either: $10 million in funding disappears for the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which Republicans have called a "death panel." It can recommend cuts in Medicare spending if the program grows too fast.
  5. No money for President Obama's Race to the Top education reform: The New America Foundation says that spells the end of Race to the Top, which includes performance-based teacher evaluations and implementation of Common Core curriculum standards.
  6. More money for fighting Ebola and the Islamic State (ISIS): $5.4 billion for Ebola eradication; $5.6 billion for anti-ISIS efforts.
  7. A pay freeze for Joe Biden: And also for other political appointees in the Obama administration.


This segment aired on December 12, 2014.


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