Looking Ahead To Race Relations In 2015

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On this first day of the New Year — we want to look back at one of the biggest stories of 2014: race relations in America.

We first spoke with Reverend Charles Williams II, of the historic King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit, back in 2013.

That was after a young African-American woman was shot and killed outside the home of a white man near Detroit.

Renisha McBride crashed her car in the early morning and knocked on the door of Theodore Wafer.

Wafer shot McBride through the screen door, killing her. He said he was afraid someone was trying to break into his house.

He is serving a 17 year prison sentence for first degree murder.

When we first spoke with Reverend Williams he talked about the racial tensions in his community.

He tells Here & Now's Lisa Mullins that the recent nationwide eruptions over the police killings of young black men and boys in Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland remind him of the era of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks.


This segment aired on January 1, 2015.


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