USDA Hunts For Avian Flu In Pacific Northwest04:13

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In a setback for U.S. poultry producers, China has joined the list of more than thirty countries that have banned all imports of American poultry, poultry products and eggs.

The action comes after discoveries of the highly pathogenic H5N8 avian flu in the Pacific Northwest. The same strain killed thousands of birds on two farms in British Columbia.

Now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and state officials are testing flocks near the latest outbreaks in southeast Washington state.

From the Here & Now Contributors Network, Anna King reports.

Correction note 1/14/15: This interview misstated the name of the subtype of influenza virus. It is H5N8, not 85N8. We regret the error.


This segment aired on January 13, 2015.