Music From The Show

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Deadmaus, "Coelacanth l"
Gatto Fritto, "The Curse"
The American Dollar, "Anything You Synthesize"
Sam Prekop, "Magic Step"
Ghostface Killah, "Beware The Stare"
Imogen Heap, "Between Sheets"
Pixies, "Havelina"
Zedd, "Hourglass"
Clark, "Pocket For Jack"

Lower Dens, "Alphabet Song"
Mr. Twin Sister, "Medford"
Liars, "No.1 Against The Rush"
Clinic, "Woodoo Wop"
Mux Mool, "Raw Gore"
TRS-80, "Translocated"
Lifeformed, "Sepia Tone Laboratory"
Silje Nes, "Mirrored"
Debruit, "Nigeria What?"

From "Electropop Duo Cherub Is Reviving the 80s (In A Cool Way)":

Cherub, “Doses and Mimosas” from “MoM & DaD” (2012)
Cherub, “Sucker for Love” from “Leftovers” EP (2014)
Outkast, “Funky Ride” from “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” (1994)
Cherub, “Best Friend’s T-Shirt / Saudia” from “Leftovers” EP (2014)
Cherub, “All (feat. Natalie Prass)” from “MoM & DaD” (2012)

This segment aired on February 18, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.