Vote Nears On Net Neutrality

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On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to approve a plan to regulate Internet service like a public utility. It would be a victory for proponents of "net neutrality" - those who oppose a system in which companies could pay Internet service providers for faster delivery of their content.

As a regulated public utility, Internet service providers would not be able to charge companies for Internet "fast lanes."

Critics of a tiered system include President Obama, who says allowing some large companies to pay for faster content delivery would "end the Internet as we know it." Many consumers, as well as content providers like Apple and Google, also support net neutrality.

Broadband companies including AT&T, Comcast, Cox and Verizon, as well as some members of Congress, oppose FCC regulation, saying it could unleash greater taxes and fees and could actually stifle innovation and access.

However approval of the FCC regulations would not mean the battle over net neutrality is over. The fight could continue in the courts, or the regulations could be overturned by a more Republican-leaning Federal Communications Commission, under a future administration.


This segment aired on February 25, 2015.


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