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Budos Band, "Into The Fog"
Foxygen, "Mattress Warehouse"
Steve Reich, "III. Fast"
Rachel's, "Systems/Layers"
LCD Soundsystem, "Someone Great"
Amon Tobin, "Nova"
Obfusc, "Friends Fade In Fade Out"
Rustie, "A Glimpse"
The Watermark High, "Maybe Tomorrow Everything Will Be Better"
Submerse, "Let's Never Come Back Here Again"

Timber Timbre, "Magic Arrow"
Johnny Marr, "New Town Velocity"
Theme From The Simpsons
Nathan Fake, "Paean"
Robert Science, "Forest"
Blockhead, "The Prettiest Sea Slug"
Marconi Union, "Alone Together"
Com Truise, "Open"
Tycho, "Hours"
Rustie, "Slasherr"

This segment aired on March 10, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.


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