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Dosh, "Kit and Pearle"
Wild Club, "Thunder Clatter"
Isotope 217, "La Jete"
NilsFrahm, "Says"
Swirlies, "Version In Harmony Retrograde"
Todd Terje, "Inspector Norse"
Skoal Kodiak, "Sciswell"
Ancient Lasers, "Animal Magic"
The Beta Band, "B+A"

Pinback, "Sender"
Hakon Stene, "Prelude For HS"
Trans Am, "Love Affair"
Monster Rally, "Adios"
Tortoise, "Speakeasy"
Tycho, "L"
Geoglyphs, "Lights Years"
Slightly Stoopid, "2am"

This segment aired on April 17, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.


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