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Teebs, "Anchor Steam"
Geoglyphs, "Disappearing World"
Aesop Rock, "Racing Stripes"
Dianogah, "Strongdar"
Folk Implosion, "Insinuation"
Mitch Murder, "Breeze"
Maria Schneider Finds Inspiration From Her Minnesota Roots
Tortiose, "Restless Water"
Pantha De Prince, "Bohemian Forest"
Seekae, "4lb"

Beach House, "Zebra"
Patrick Hernandez, "Born To Be Alive"
Boards Of Canada, "Nothing Is Real"
Real Estate, "Aprils Song"
Fugazi, "Sweet N Low"
Neutral Milk Hotel, "Marching Theme"
Mogwai, "Jaguar"
Avi Buffalo, "Truth Sets In"
MMOTHS, "Breaking Through"
C.C.S., "Alala"

This segment aired on July 8, 2015. The audio for this segment is not available.


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