DJ Session: 'Music That's Shaken Not Stirred'10:05


Voodoo, goth, exotica and tiki music are all styles that Darrell Brogdon plays on his show "Retro Cocktail Hour" on Kansas Public Radio. Brogdon describes the music on the show as "shaken not stirred." He joins Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson for week's DJ Session.

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Songs In This Segment

The Voodoo Organist, "Bombay Beach Bondage Boogaloo"

Robert Drasnin, "Hulabalu"

The Tikiyaki Orchestra, "Idol Worship"

Nutty, "Purple Panther"

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica Quartet, "Would You Like Bongos with That Fugue?"


  • Darrell Brogdon, host of "Retro Cocktail Hour" out of Kansas Public Radio. He tweets @kprbrogdon.

This segment aired on November 12, 2015.

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