Music From The Show

Beirut, "As Needed"
Dungen, "C Visar Vagen"
Central City Music Company, "Phillip Glass Plays Nintendo"
James Blackshaw, "The Elk With Jade Eyes"
Darkside, "A1"
Cliff Nobles, "The Horse"
ODESZA, "Sun Models"
Herbie Hancock, "Rockit"
Yea Tide
Daft Punk, "Around The World"

Tokimonsta, "Smoke & Mirrors"
Daft Punk, "Voyager"
Austin TV, "Olvide Decir Adios"
Emancipator, "Wolf Drawn"
Clark, "Unfuria"
Yesterday's New Quintet, "Prelude"
Kindness, "House"
Sondre Lerche, "Dan In Real Life"
Daft Punk, "Short Circuit"


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