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Stereolab, "Brakhage"
Maps, "Left Behind"
Kim Hiorthoy, "The Woods"
The American Dollar, "Anything You Synthesize"
Destroyer, "Chinatown"
Navenlos, "Sonic Youth"
The Album Leaf, "Thule"
Helvetia, "The Acrobats"
Aphex Twin, "Flim"
Parquet Courts, "She's Rolling"

The Sea Cake, "Leaf"
Deerhoof, "God 2"
Maria Schneider's Minnesota Roots Lead To Another Grammy Nomination
Jefferson Airplane
Goat, "Diarabi"
Florian Kuper, "Brute Force"
Clark, "Pleen 1930s"
Tokimonsta, "Fallen Arches"
Panther Du Prince, "Bohemian Forest"
Seekae, "4lb"

This segment aired on January 18, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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