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Bonobo, "Flutter"
Florian Kuper, "Brute Force"
BlackbirdBlackbird, "Polaris"
David Bowie, "Art Decade"
June Of 44, "Information And Belief"
Deerhoof, "Tiny Bubbles"
Steve Reich, "III Fast"
Luke Abbott, "HighRise"
Debruit, "Nigeria What?"

Isotope 217, "Audio Boxing"
Aphex Twin, "Produk 29 [101]"
Phish, "Maze"
Darkside, "A3"
Fugazi, "Sweet N Low"
Mono, "Silent Fight Sleeping Dawn"
Grouper, "Labyrinth"
Clark, "Tooth Moves"
Elliot Smith, "Kiwi Mad Dog 20/20"
Eskmo, "Cloudlight"

This segment aired on February 3, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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