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Fugazi, "Recap Modotti"
Octave Minds, "Projectionist"
Boom Bip, "Girl Toy"
Seekae, "Halley Wars"
Budos Band "Into the Fog
Japan Cakes, "Double Jointed"
Lifeformed, "Elvish Piper Academy"
TRS-80, "Translocated"
Shark?, "Big Summer"
Ben Folds Five, "Hospital Song"

Pantha Du Prince, "The Splendour"
Kendall Carter, "You Got Lucky"
Behind The Scenes At 'Hamilton' On Broadway
Jonsi & Alex, "Happiness"
Dianogah, "Strongdar"
Zula, "Twin Loss"
American Football, "The Summer Ends"
Beck, "Phase"
Aesop Rock, "ZZZ Top"

From Making Opera Out Of The Scalia/Ginsburg Relationship:

All music from the Castleton Festival Production of "Scalia/Ginsburg." Music and libretto by Derrick Wang. Antonin Scalia played by John Overholt. Ruth Bader Ginsburg played by Ellen Wieser.

“We Are Different, We Are One”
“The Justices Are Blind”
“He Built Stairs”

This segment aired on February 16, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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