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The 1975, "Chocolate"
Lupe, "Hip Hop Saved My Life"
Country Music And Politics Go Arm In Arm
The American Dollar, "Anything You Sythesize"
This American Analog Set, "Cool Kids Keep"
Come Truise, "Open"
Uncle Tupelo, "Sandusky"
Slugadbed, "Sex"
Lifeformed, "Cider Times"
Debruit, "Nigeria What?"

Shipping News, "Steerage"
Dirty Three, "Ember"
Dianogah, "Strongdar"
Luke Abbott, "Carrage"
Rachel's, "Water From The Same Source"
Battles, "Summer Simmer"
Liars, "Pro Anti Anti"
Chet Atkins, "Bug Dance"
Eskmo, "Cloudlight"

This segment aired on March 1, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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