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Radiohead, "How to Disapear Completely"
Little People, "Eminence Grise"
Trans Am, "The Dark Gift"
Library Tapes, "View From a Train"
Silje New, "Mirrored"
Massive Attack "Ritual Spirit"
Octave Minds, "Symmetry Slice"
Lushlife, "Meridian sound"
The Cure, "All Cats are Grey"

J.Dilla, "Dillatroit"
Atmosphere, "Camera Thief"
Lucky Dragons "Open Melody"
Copywrite, "Trouble"
Clark, "Com Re-Touch"
Galaxy 500, "Today"
Seekae, "MySun"
Mitch Murder, "Palmer's Arcarde"
Blackbird Blackbird, "Rare Candy"

This segment aired on April 5, 2016. The audio for this segment is not available.


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