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Obsufc, "Amateur Cartagrapher"
Horse Lords, "Macaw"
Alan Menken and Howard Ashman, “Part of Your World” (performed by Jodi Benson)
Ancient Lasers, "From The Sky"
Blondes, "Wine"
White Rainbow, "Touchdown"
Octave Minds, "Symetry Slice"
Ducktails, "Krumme Lanke"
Debruit, "Nigeria What?"

Gang Gang Dance, "Vacuum"
Aphex Twin, "produk 29 [101]"
Evan Gipson, "Baby Featherlight"
Wax Stag, "Short Road"
Labyrinth Ear, "Dawn and Dusks"
Foxygen, "Mattress Warehouse"
Parra For Couva, "Quadraint"
Dorian Concept, "Draft Culture"


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