Music From The Show

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Isan, "Ship"

Fugazi, "Sweet N Low"

Elliot Smith, "Kiwi Mad Dog 20/20"

GZA, "Firehouse"

Amon Tobin, "Nova"

The American Dollar, "Anything You Sythesize"

Leapling, "Crooked"

Mono/Poly, "Gamma"

Wax Stag, "Folk Rock"

ThurstoneMoore, "Tape"

90 Day Men, "Too Late Or Too Dead"

Moderate, "A New Error"

Yo La Tengo, "Green Arrow"

Monster Rally, "The Valley"

Notorious BIG, "The What"

Zula, "Twin Loss"

OM, "Cremation Ghat I"

Rustie, "Slasherr"