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Octave Minds, "Projectionist"
Shigeto, "Huron River Drive"
mum, "Green Grass of Tunnel"
Sure Fire Soul Ensemble," Laying Low"
Clark, "Com Re-Touch
Helvetia, "Acrobats"
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Alexander Tucker, "His Arm Has Grown Long"
John Hartford, "Leather Britches"
Submerse, "Lets Never Come Back Here"
Here We Go Magic, "Surprise"
Abe Vigoda, "Wild Heart"
Ben Lucas Boysen, "Golden Times 1"
Luke Abbot, "2nd 5th Heavy
Isan, "Slip"
Zula, "Twin Loss"
DIIV, "Paste Lives"
Domotic, "Les Demon Des Haustes Plaines"
Whyte Horses, "Pop Or not"
The Anonymous, "Hope To Meet You"


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