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Deer Hunter, "Nothing Ever Happened"
Parrar For Cuva, "Borneo"
Kaitlin Aurelia Smith, "Stratus"
Mood Robot, "Intro"
Budos Band, "Into the Fog"
Yawning Man, "Perpetual Oyster"
Blondes, "Wine"
Run The Jewels, "Twin Hype Back"
Lydia Lunch, "Burning Skulls"
Darkside, "A1"
Geoglyphs, "Disapearing World"
RJD2, "King Tut"
Dead Meadow, "Dragonfly"
Cosmonauts, "Cycle Eyes"
Dawn of Midi, "Sinope"
Gang Gang Dance, "Vacuum"
Blockhead, "Prettiest Sea Slug"
The Sound Carriers, "This is Normal"
The Cars, "Since I Held You"


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