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Bexar Bexar, "NROT"
Daedelus, "Pre-Munitions"
see producer
Cosmonauts, "Cycle Eyes"
Passenger, "Coins in a Fountain"
Blue Sky Black Death, "Our Hearts Of Ruin"
Kid Koala, "Third WOrld Lover"
Chrome Canyons, "Branches"
Olga Bell, "Pounder II"
Cornershop, "SLeep On The Left Side"
Masarati, "Closer then You know"
Couch, "Alle Auf Pause"
Japan Cakes, "Double Jointed"
Tortoise, "The Catastrophist"
Chelse Wolfe, "The Warden"
Protect-U, "Dit Floss"
Bakoda (aka Evan Awake), "Peacemaker"
LeKlub Des Losers, "Springtime"
The Men, "Country Song"
Kid Kenner, "Galactic"


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