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Dawn of MIDI, "Sinope"
Daedalus, "Pre-Munitions"
The Kinks, "Last Of The Steam Powered Trains"
Beat Conductor, "Marrakech"
Autolux, "Soft Scene"
Blue Oyster Cult, "Don't Fear The Reaper"
George Strait, "Christmas Cookies"
Thompson Twins, "Hold Me Now"
Evan Arch, "Embers"
Wax Stag, "Folk Rock"Tommy Guerrero, "Thank You MK"
Jay-Z, "Nickels and Dimes"
Rustie, "Green Language"
Seekae, "Snow Spectrum"
Troth, "Acorn Tone Peek"
MIA, "Paper Planes"
Tillbury, "Tenderloin"
DIIV, "Doused"
Joker, "Mario Ting"


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