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90 Day Men, "To Late Or To Dead"
Wilco, "Spiders"
Shark?, "Big Summer (Summer Ale)
Weval, "Square People"
Helvetia, "The Acrobats"
Olafstuut, "Thank You"
Lia Ices, "Creature"
Temples, "Certainty"
Sam Spence, "Round Up"
Kevin Micka, "Under The Water"
June Of 44, "Shadow Pugilist"
Soccer Team, "Best Employed New Beau"
Dmitri Shostakovich, "Symphony No. 7"
Klangstof, "Hostage"
Beauty Pill, "Cigarette Girl Of The Future"
Monster Rally, "Panther"
Enemies, "Bonopi"
Couch, "Heimweg 78"
The Price Is Right Theme

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