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Secret Colors, "Never End"
Horse Lords, "Bending To The Lash"
The American Dollar, "As We Float"
Don Caballero, "Palm Trees In The Fecking Bahamas"
Alan Silvestri, “J'Attendrai”
Al Green, "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart"
Gang Gang Dance, "Vacuum"
Seekae, "4lb"
Her Magic Wand, "Mistakes"
Autolux, "Soft Scene"
Leapling, "Nature Must Not Win"
Patato, "Luz"
Y.V.E. 48, "Montrose"
Helms, "The Kindness Of Automatic Doors"
Portishead, "Silence"
Tortoise, "Ox Duke"
The Cure, "All Cats Are Grey"

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