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Does The Death Penalty Provide Closure For Victims' Families?09:29

This article is more than 3 years old.

Florida's Supreme Court on Monday did an about-face, and ruled that prosecutors can once again seek the death penalty in ongoing cases despite legal issues with the state's death penalty law.

The order came as state lawmakers prepare to address a pair of Florida high court rulings that struck down the state's death penalty sentencing scheme as unconstitutional, and put all capital cases on hold.

Wilson Sayre (@WilsonSayre) from Here & Now contributor WLRN in Miami has been exploring what that limbo has meant for people affected by the death penalty. On Monday, we heard the story of one of the inmates on Florida’s death row. Now, we meet two families whose loved ones were victims of violent crime, and who hold different views on capital punishment.

This segment aired on February 21, 2017.


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